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Past Life "Could Of Been" Lovers

March 22, 2016



So yesterday I blogged about a dream I had about being a victim of an attempted rape twice. Here's the link to wild ass dream: Dream Lightly. Sunday night I had a dream too of a past "could of been" lover." I'll explain what's a could of been lover. A could of been lover is a person you met and had a cool relationship with, not necessarily dated or friendship but you and the person could talk about anything randomly but you two weren't tight yet far from acquaintances. Well in middle school I had a thing for a boy but I never had the courage to tell him that I liked him. Whether it was low self-esteem or shyness or just nerves, I just couldn't tell him. I was madly infatuated with him like Doug Funny for Patty Mayonnaise. I didn't even tell my closest "friends" at the time about my feelings. Fast forward we graduated from middle school and went to different high schools and NEVER saw each other again. But every few months I have dreams about this one guy back to back to back for a couple of nights then he disappears but during the rummaging and invasion of my dreams, I always think what if. What if I told him? Where would we be? Would we be a couple? Would he reciprocate the infatuation? Would he laugh and tell everyone we knew? I don't know but I feel like my subconscious is telling to:


A.) Confess my past feelings for him to him. 
B.) Analyze myself as to why he was special to me.
C.) Don't be passive with my feelings for someone whether it's romantic or platonic.
D.) None of the above and I'm just over thinking things and need to go out more.


So like the typical girl I'm sitting here going through a list of possible reasons as to why this guy keeps coming into my dreams randomly and taking over them just to scramble my thoughts that I believed were dead or, at least, dormant. Me being me, I'll probably chalk it up as a coincidence (though I don't believe in coincidences) just to avoid catching feelings. 


Has this ever happen to you? What did you do and did this person ever stop coming into your dreams? Tell me what you think!

Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Blessed. ✌

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