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March 20, 2016



So, I fell asleep late last morning around four o'clock AM (Sunday morning). I was busy blogging, editing, posting daily excerpts from MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD etc. When I fell asleep I had one dream with two attacks. This blog will be about my dreams because, well, I feel like talking about my dream and who knows, you might be able to tell me what it means.


I was in some project building like a trap house or something. I think I was with a friend and she left and I was right behind her but one of the guys stopped me with his crew behind him. The leader who happen to look like Chingy and dressed like his album cover Jackpot, was ogling me. I knew they were planning to do something nefarious. I tried pushing my way out from their control but they pushed me back (side note they were wearing throwback '05 gear) and I became nervous because I was a young girl, probably 16 and they were between the ages of 18 and 20 something. I knew they were going to "try me" aka rape me. I had my winter coat, backpack, books etc. I took off my coat and backpack slowly and they stared then I suddenly smacked them with my coat and backpack. I fought my way out of the small room and rushed through the dim lit apartment hallway without my stuff. Outside in the late winter weather, I realized I couldn't go home without my school items, well my keys that were in my backpack. I was terrified at the attempted rape but more so worried about my stuff for some reason but I KNEW I couldn't go back inside the building because I could be savagely raped or killed for escaping their domination. I was frantically pacing in front of the apartment building and I see this well-dressed guy. I asked him if he could get my stuff. I think he knew me and felt comfortable in helping me. He goes up the staircase of the building and I'm waiting outside watching the entrance door hard but he doesn't come out. Ten minutes turns into twenty minutes, twenty minutes turns into thirty minutes. Curiosity got the best of me so I foolishly walk up the stairs. I carefully open the wooden door and I see the well-dressed man held as a prisoner by the gang and they force me into the apartment. They're delighted because in their degenerated minds they thought I came back for them! 


The well-dressed man has two men by his side in the hallway in front of the small bedroom I escaped from and One guy has a knife to his throat. I feel guilty for leading him into the deadly situation I look at him with puppy eyes as he panicks at the sight of a knife to his neck, barely able to breathe or keep his composure. I didn't know what to do but the circle of monsters slither closer to me like they wanted to try raping me again. In the small damn near empty bedroom, I see a tall glass window overlooking the front yard/pavement. I'm probably on the third story and I jump out the window. I tried hard to slide up the locked and rusting window but the rapists were pulling me back. Finally it opens but there's a grey screen and I think to myself, fuck it and I didn't have to think about it I just knew I had to leave. Flight or fright took control, though I was frightened my virtuousness was more important than my hesitance. I swear I was going to die or be severally damaged; I mean who jumps that high and actually lands safely? An image of an Aaliyah jumping and turning into a cat crosses my mind as I'm falling to my death right. Soon as I'm inches away from the ground I land just like a cat my legs crouched down, my arms to my side and my head up. I pull myself up, turn around, and look up at the window I just jumped out of. I see the Chingy look alike and his flunky looking down at me in amazement. 


I start running down the street. Where? I don't know. I'm in the worst area in America with boarded doors. Windows with filmy residue. Cops sirens and gangs. Gangs are everywhere yet people are walking around like it's nothing. Just an average day in the neighborhood. So I run up a street and I see Bloods. Out of nowhere I'm no longer a teenage girl but 23 (the age I am in real life) but I'm sporting a red hoodie, looking like a tomboy so in my mind I'm like I'm safe and the head of the Bloods looks like Julito aka Namond Brice from The Wire. Him and his clique are dressed in urban '08 gear. I put my hands up signaling don't shoot me and he stares at me with his crew and points a gun at me to motion shee away. I take the cue and back away slowly to make sure he doesn't shoot me in the back like I'm Ricky. On the opposite side of the street, I see a group of girls watching me in a huddle. They were wearing red and white shirts like school uniforms, maybe Charter School? As I hit the curb to turn left I hear a gun shot like he wasn't aiming to kill me per se but to scare me which he did. I woke up feeling like crap. 

Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌

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