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The Crossroad

March 19, 2016



I know when you hear the word crossroad Bone Thugs-N-Harmony starts playing and you want to pour out a 40 and bow your head but seriously, you've been there, at a crossroad where you know what life has in store for you won't allow you take everyone with. You start this processes young maybe in middle school friends you had you no longer were cool with in junior high and maybe you and your junior high friends didn't go to the same high school. College y'all all split up and promised to keep in touch and y'all tried the first few weeks but slowly drifted away, college life softly consuming the friendship. We all faced a time where we looked back at a time and see people, food, clothes, music etc that aren't with you at your current time and place. Why? Because there was a decision made consciously or unconsciously that you were moving into the next stage of your life and certain people, food, clothes, music etc didn't make the cut and it's not always a bad thing or a bad split sometimes it's good. A sign of maturity and independence like moving out your parents house. Moving out doesn't mean that you hate your parents and you wish to never see them, it just means you enjoy walking around semi-naked to naked and you don't like people asking you on the consistent basis when are you going to give me grandbabies. 


For me, it's like an internal countdown, when the clock strikes zero a quick split decision is made. Let me explain, I will see certain actions or decisions that I know aren't going to mesh well with me in the future. The future can be in a second, an hour, or five months from now but I know soon I'll out grow a person. There's always, and I mean always a rift between what I should do yet it ultimately becomes a snip snip situation. It's like part of me is like nah give them a gazillion and one chances to clean up their act and take things sincerely the other part is like they gotta go. But me being empathetic I come up with all the pros about a person like s/he's funny, s/he means well, s/he gives good advice etc. All are great traits, trust me it beats out slimy and untrustworthy, however, I can't put goofiness above entrepreneurship or superciliousness above results. It's kind of like choosing a soft kill or a straight attack to the vital organs. The latter is seemingly quick and painless but the bottom line someone is going to die. Okay, too graphic but you get my point. Don't get me wrong, it's never a "I hate you" situation, it's more like a dead end that leads to a crossroad and whatever direction I take I will be going down it alone. Maybe it's the introversion in me or because I don't like being stuck but whatever it is I can't delay my desires to keep mediocracy or stunt my personal growth to keep a person around that serves no benefit to our collective growth.


Now you're really considering pouring out that OLDE ENGLISH, huh? Don't. I promise you it's good to clean out your phone's contact list like old clothes that don't fit but take up space in your closet. Sometimes it's not a definite cut off, sometimes it's a "see you later" or in terms of clothes giving them to family members or back to the blog title, a meeting at the middle. Don't lag your purpose for others who if in your shoes wouldn't think twice about skipping down the crossroad alone. Change is good, success is better.

Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌

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