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Life Is But A Dream

March 16, 2016


Another throwback poem while I was working a crazy job that sucked all my energy. I loved the kids, I liked the parents and teachers, I just hated the environment and staff. If my mind wasn't focused on writing MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD, I was writing poetry. Yes, I do it all; author, poet, vlogger, and blogger . . . 


Ay, you selling vacations? 
Where you going? 
Where can you take me? 
Where do I want to go, well . . . I want to go somewhere sunny and breezy, where I can feel the sand between my toes. Where all my worries melt at the ocean's horizon. Where I drink sweet fruity drinks with small umbrellas and cute snacks endlessly, without gaining weight while I listen to authentic native music. Where I celebrate every day with a smile, a laugh, and a gaze at the sunset. Where I can be surrounded by mother nature with all her good, and turbulence, never ugly. Where I can stand to feel the rain chip away the stress and pain, the thunder clearing up all of the earth's rust. Where I don't ever think of T.V. or the latest gossip because where I'm at is all that matters. Where there's no politics, wars, hate, or white supremacy. Where there's only one rule, love and there's always an abundance. Where money holds no value because we trade peacefully within the community. Where we all contribute equally to sustain our little heaven on this land. Where happiness is born and lives to never die. Where we all take care of one another. Where worry and fear can't find a place to camp here. Where life is as easy as a dream. Where I can start a family. Where everyone knows me, and I know them on a first-name basis. Where each member is valued like family because we are family minus the blood relation. Where life continues to give us lemonade . . . 
Oh, there's no such place to escape?
 No land like that, I'm talking make believe?! 
Well, hold up one GODdamn minute! I'm not dense or delusion, your mockery of my vacation theme is unbelievable! You asked me where I'd want to go, and I told you verbatim where I want to be . . . 
Apology accepted. I guess I can settle for a cruise ship . . .   

Be Entertained. Be Enlihtened. Be Loved ✌

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