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Getting Nerdy With IT (weekly recollection)

March 13, 2016



So yesterday was my first day at my IT class in Boston. To start off I was late, and no I was NOT on colored people time! I actually left my home early but the MBTA (public transportation) is janky as all hell and they have the audacity to raise the prices this coming year! Anywho, I digress. So I'm waiting for the red line and I hear the speaker say Braintree train and I needed to get to Ashmont. I was like crap, let me just let this train ride out and wait for the Ashmont train. But as the train rolls out I see it says Kendall on the side of the train which alerted me, then every person was jumping, leaping, flying, and running for the train so I'm like something is up and I get on. Come to find out (which isn't new it happens often because the MBTA is SO JANKY!) there is construction going on with the T and shuttle busses from Kendall to Park St are provided on weekends. I'm like Thank GOD my paranoia skills were on fleek because I would have waited for an Ashmont train that was ultimately going to take me to the same place. We get to Kendall and it's like stuffy and congested and I'm like oh hell, I'm going to be late being early because people just want to roam the streets doing meaningless things and traffic is going to be thick so that spells late. The shuttle buses were on deck which I appreciate, that's one thing that the MBTA can get right, if you're going to inconvenience us passengers and make us foot us the bill, the least you can do is be on time, on average though a regular bus on its schedule will be late. So I hop on the shuttle again tight with passengers, strollers, dogs, horses, and whales . . . okay, I exaggerated but there wasn't enough space.


The shuttle seemed to go all around the world just to arrive at Downtown Boston and once I got there I hopped off the shuttle to once agin enter the subway to get to an Ashmont train. I see a train pulling up and I'm like yes, but then I realized it doesn't say a destination. I'm like really? So where is this train taking me? Braintree, Ashmont, Mars, Sirus X? I need answers! After five minutes or so the conductor decides it's a Braintree train and I'm like FML! So obviously, I get off. It rides off and in about five minutes an Ashmont train arrives, this time, the train is less packed and we continue as normal. Finally, I get to Ashmont and I decide to take the Ashmont trolley versus the bus. The trolley is the old train system that connects riders from Ashmont to Mattapan, I rather the trolley than the bus because for certain  it was going to be aromatic and stiff. The trolley doesn't get to Ashmont until 1:05. The whole time until its arrival I'm peering to the side of my neck like an owl hoping I don't snap it. I don't know about you, but I have a habit of stare at the direction of the bus or train as if, if I stare long enough on some Abracadabra shit, it'll appear. I was kind of pissed because I knew if I took the bus I would have arrived at my destination on time, but I just like the trolley better. It has the high rise feel and it's peaceful. Plus it goes through other towns and it has the Plains feel to it, as well as you see water and graffiti art. Something a city girl doesn't see often, I mean the Plains and large body of water, not graffiti art, I see that often.


About ten minutes later I get to Mattapan. I was born and for the early part of my existence, I lived in Boston. I remember going to Le Foyer Bakery for patté. I remember catching the 28 with my mother. I remember the nostalgic feel and every time it hits me I get a little excited and sadden. Excited that it's like an insider homecoming but sadden because I wish I never had to leave. Plus, Mattapan looks a whole lot better now than it did when I was six. There's a lot more businesses and Black faces not just roaming the stress but as business owners so I was elated at seeing Black own businesses. BUT I had to cut the party short because I was LATE! So I'm crossing feverishly to Cummings highway, hoping I don't get hit by oncoming traffic (side note a young girl by the name of Katelisa Etienne was hit by an off-duty cop that way, this weel R.I.P). So I'm racing up the street passing American Food Basket, side-stepping the ballsy old guys who have no shame trying to spit game as if I'm looking for a life of cashing social security checks and BENGAY rubbing.


Finally, I'm like a block away from my location and this guy speeds down the street with this sleek yellow and black sports car looking bumper car thing and he has the worst accident I've ever witnessed. He hit something or maybe a rock was in his way and he slides off his motorcycle and onto the road. This guy must have known some defense moves because this dude legits, tilt, tight, and tuck, stop, drop, and roll, himself off to the pavement and ran off like Plies on the plug. So I'm flabbergasted. Mouth wide open and a Police SUV is on the opposite side of the street damn near across the accident so as this guy jets off in all black ninja gear this Black guy in front of me runs off to the bumper car thing, an older gentleman who was with him is calling his name to come back but he runs off on the older guy like Plies. I'm like not today Satan, I'm late so I swerve into the street and I get to the IT school.


As I enter the school I'm like "Shit Shit Shit I'm late." I hate being late but it wasn't a big deal to the professor who is a Haitian man who projects his voice assertively with a thick accent. He finds me a seat where I can slip in and immediately I get to note take. Why? Because I wanted to play catch up even if I didn't know what I was catching up to. He continues his lecture with power supply, CPU, case, motherboard and I can feel my brain cells going like AOL's "Goodbye" and I feel my insecurities kick in. He gives us dummy computers to practice on and everyone is doing fairly well and I'm staring at the motherboard, storage drive, and power supply like a husband watching his wife give birth. A guy to my left is breaking down his components down like a philosopher. The guy on my right has tag teamed with another guy and they're taking the equipment out one item at a time. Me, I'm like so what's a P1 and a P4 and the CPU is where and how do you unscrew this drive? Thankfully for me the guy on my left had a guy on his right who helped me so I'm standing there like this must be a conspiracy, y'all must have done this before. They're like nah, this is my first time. Everyone's motherboard and CPU is out of the computer and all the cords are unattached. The professor turns and writes more notes on the board then switches to a tech video naming the cords and the parts, what they do and how the connect. In my ears, I hear Charlie Brown's teacher wawa wawa wawa. I'm like FUCK! I need to get this together. So I ask myself, 'Am I the only one overwhelmed' while watching everyone else act pretty nonchalant about not completely knowing what they are doing or not knowing at all.


The professor tells us a hypothetical story, something your drunk uncle would come up with during Christmas dinner with full animation and voice additions. It goes a little like this, after the neighborhood hears gun shots a woman is found bloody in the street. People who weren't there at the scene all tell the police and each other the same recycled information. The police go out and ask around the neighborhood what had happened to the woman and if they personally witnessed something. They all tell the same story they heard someone else tell. It's not until the police check the body they see the woman actually died of puncture wounds and the perpetrator was her son who was cut out the will. The gentleman to my left cuts the fireplace story ambiance by saying what I was thinking but more 48 Hours-ish, "You watch too much Law & Order" and we students laugh. The professor's point was to highlight the importance of data collection, but specifically collecting accurate data because as an IT professional, our jobs will be to collect and ensure the safety of data including storing it in the right place. If we work for major corporations, we'll be responsible for it solely and probably find ourselves in court often, seeing how corporations stay getting sued therefore many ITs must become notarized because the information they store won't be valid in court without having that notarized certification.


At the end of class, the schedules were handed out and the professor tells us to get the book Mike Meyer's CompTIA A Certification Passport 5th Edition book. The gentlemen who helped me take out the computer parts shows me his copy and I swear to you it looks like a dictionary, I'm like FUCK squared, he sees my expression and says 900 pages. I take a picture of his copy so I can order it when I travel through the jungle called public transportation to get back home (which I did). BUT that's not all, we also have to take a quiz on what we learned and to practice the information because most of the work will be done outside of class and not in class which I understand because I went to college and that's how college is. For every hour of class time which was four you have to expect to do three hours of homework and that's 12 hours of catching up I have to do without the book for reference. Thank GOD there's YouTube, right?


Before I leave I needed reassurance that I wasn't getting into something that was over my head, the professor said because I was ten minutes late (more like twenty) I missed the setup of the class and that's why it was confusing for me. I explained my adventure which he was understanding to. We said or goodbyes and see you next week closure but before I left I needed to get a schedule from the "enroller" I guess you could say (who happens to be the professor's wife on the low but that's none of my business). She informs me that she's out of paper and that she'll email me an electronic copy and next week she'll give me a physical copy. I thanked her and I left, by the time I made it out the door it was a desert, 18 students in a cramped space had all managed to scatter within minutes of the class being over. I'm like damn y'all move fast! Walking off the porch I greeted the little mix girl who I presume belongs to the professor and his "enroller wife" (I piqued that they share the same last name). Switching from glasses to shades I was off into the evening hour hoping I don't get shot. 

Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌

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