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FREEDOM (isn't free)

March 12, 2016


Now I know this title is kind of an oxymoron and you're like okay VIE what now? What are you talking about now? Well my dear friend, let me explain, 'Freedom' doesn't exist. Not in the way, most of us believe. For many of us, we think Freedom is waking up and going anywhere, doing anything without paying or earning a cent yet the expense is one everyone else. Yeah, a lot of people want the ability to fly to foreign lands, live amongst the natives, eat, drink, laugh, dance, explore, and no this all over the globe without a moment's notice and no responsibility to "pay it forward." This is so far fetch, selfish, and unrealistic it's not even funny. Did I burst your bubble?


Let's travel back to four hundred years pre-colonization, slavery, capitalism, white supremacy and so on and so forth. We lived in tribes, yes ALL of us. The tribes we formed is where we pledged our allegiance to for the better good of the tribe. Therefore, everyone had assigned roles to embetter the tribe this could be hunting and gathering, cooking, making clothes, spiritual leaders, educators etc. In no place was there a 'Freedom' where you didn't have to participate and be selfless to benefit the collective, kind of like "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."


Let's rewind to the transatlantic slave trade. In Haiti, the Haitians paid for their Freedom in Voudun, revolt, death, punishment, and embargo. Their aim was to be free "By any means necessary" which cost them severely more so after the liberation and establishing Haiti on January 1st, 1804 than the beginning of the Haitian Revolution on August 21st, 1791. Gasper Yanga and the other maroons in Mexico paid by revolting against the Spaniards by fleeing out of slavery to find refuge in Veracruz in 1570. As a retaliation, the Spaniards attacked the maroons in 1609 where Gasper and his soldiers fought vigorously. Queen Nzinga of Angola paid until her death on December 16th, 1663 at the age of 80. She sacrificed her royalty to free her people and to push off the Portuguese from enslaving her people. 


Now current times, we pay for freedom, those who really want it by being an entrepreneur. I know, not as exciting as a revolutionary but it is a revolutionary act of modern times. To be an entrepreneur is to run your time in the manner that you wish to advance yourself and/or others in your tribe, group, family etc. While most people are clocking into a job that they hate, enslaving themselves to bills that they can barely pay, paying high taxes and acquiescing themselves to the work environment that's stifling them yet those guaranteed a check that don't get to CHOOSE the amount will look at an entrepreneur like s/he's crazy when actuality s/he is free. I PROMISE you, from and entrepreneur's mouth there is no other liberation like doing what you want on your OWN time, that benefits others and getting paid for it. That's not far fetching nor is it a dream, it's FREEDOM, modern day post-colonization, slavery, capitalism, white supremacy and so on and so forth not going around thinking and doing selfishly and opposing your tribe, group, family, nation, or the human race.

Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌

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