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The Same Thing That Makes You Laugh Will Be The Same Thing That Makes You Cry

March 9, 2016




This blog post is about family Jekyll and Hydes where you have members that are two faced. One moment they're loving and present a face to the world that's loving, adoring, and sweet like lead paint. If you read my book, MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD, you'd know my whole family is made up of Jekyll and Hydes, well, 95% of my family. It's like a game of chess where you have to get something by giving something, not necessarily money for trinkets more like fake smiles to conceal the peace or giving a helping hand for a near future favor (more like debt). Yes, and we do call one another other family though I've been contemplating to get a blood test for verification. Why do we do this? For the most part, we're just like every other Black person. Hating and undercutting. This is how most Blacks operate, you can do good, just not better than me. You can achieve, just not more than me. You can be successful just not exceed me. If you're beefing, I'll instigate, if you make up, you're a punk. If you threaten another Black person's life put it on WorldStar. There's a sick and twisted place in us Blacks where we take pleasure in seeing Blacks destroy one another. This disgusting behavior stems from slavery even though we're three degrees in separation from slavery. No, you don't agree? Worldstar fights are Mandingo fights. Black people having kids all willy nilly with any Tom, Dick, and Harry is breeding farms. Effeminate Black males are have been buck broken. Domineering aggressive belligerent Black women are mammies. Do you see it now? So if the behaviors mirror an era is it far fetch that the mentality could be the same and dare I say is it is because you'll find most Black people have been attacked, criticized, or done wrong the most by other Black people. This desire to bring each other down just for the pure fact that it's easy not even to replace the Black person doing something good but to cut them down. The sad part about it is it's never your enemies that betray you, it's always someone you keep in your circle. That dual identity, the side you don't see that's secretly envious of you or simply that don't value you enough to want greatness for you and that's a subject that isn't spoken about not necessarily I want you to fail because I Lowkey Hate, Highkey Envy you. It's more like I don't respect, care, nor love you to want you to chase your dreams tie it down and live out your dreams. That mentality is what I call Boulevard Of Broken Dreams. When people have done something with their lives, something that manifested far beyond a thought there's a mark in their eyes where it all began, a glimmer of hope. That hope drives an entrepreneur to go for the impossible to make it possible but when a person never had that glimmer of hope to begin with or it got extinguished there's a burial plot in their eyes and in some part of their brain the actual spirit of what once was hope lays lifeless. That isolation from dreamers and 9-5ers is real and every time a dreamer expresses the desire to want to live their dreams, a 9-5er can't relate. Their sole purpose is to kill that glimmer of hope to spread the death of Society Confines, so they BOTH can have burial plots in their eyes like the old saying goes, "Misery loves company." Don't be that miserable person with a beaten down house, dead lawn grass and a crushed mailbox on the Boulevard Of Broken Dreams.

Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌

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