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The Importance Of Good Karma

March 6, 2016


I know karma isn't scientifically proven and the good die young and evil prevails, but I do believe in karma. I'm not telling you that you should believe in karma but have you ever witnessed instant karma where someone does something wrong and in seconds they receive some type of payback where they fall, get caught, or get hit? Now it could be a coincidence, BUT . . . it could be instant karma yet that's not what I'm going to talk about in today's blog. I'm going to talk about doing good things for no recognization, no intent, no Instagram validation, you do it just 'cause. We live in a society that if it's not recorded it never happened, that same logic also gets criminals with inflated egos caught snitching on themselves via Twitter fingers. But that's neither here nor there. Karma is the cosmic action from the universe to restore justice and balance between good and bad. Good karma is when someone does good actions on the regular basis and the universe reciprocates those actions by sending positive vibes that lead to having good experiences, hence good karma. Have you ever met a person who always had good things come their way? I mean they were just pure luck, the worst thing that happened to him or her was that one time he or she was late, and even then their lateness was excused and it wasn't a big deal but if you were late it's World War III everywhere. I'm not saying s/he has good karma but that's how good karma works when you do right on a consistent basis that in return good things happen to you on a regular basis. This is also called having a good reputation, when people know you're trustworthy and you have good character, people tend to give you more of a leeway or grant you access to certain benefits that for anyone else they'd be automatically excluded. Why is good karma, well, good? You never know when you'll need a person for something and you have nothing to back it up but your word. If your word is the equivalent to Donald Trump's toupee, that means it's not of quality, your word ISN'T bond. That's not a big deal to those who are low lives, but low lives can only go so far before they're crushed by a foot for being the vermin that they are. The foot comes in different forms, the law, vigilante justice, or karma and if you think about it, all three are branches from the same tree. Coming into this world you have three things that no one can take, your name, your character, and your self-respect. Those are three things that you can't buy but they will get you far in this life and with good karma, even further. You don't have to believe in good karma, but you SHOULD believe in having a healthy self-esteem and integrity, especially since those are free.

Be Entertained Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌

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