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Lowkey Hate, Highkey Envy

March 4, 2016


I know, the title is kind of odd. As we know lowkey means to say or advocate something clandestinely. Highkey is the antithesis of lowkey. I made a facebook post yesterday about lowkey hate in the "Black community." You'll often hear Black people say, especially with this wave of Black consciousness, support Black businesses put then they'll say slick things like "ain't nobody going to buy that shit." "You're too geeked." "It ain't all that." "You think you're all that." "You're big headed." Meaning, calm down and be weak so my shriveled ego can feel superior. This is specifically what I said, "I can see why when some Black people reach a certain level they disconnect with the average Black person. Blacks as a collective hate Black progression, we'll say yeah I support and like a person but despise the person if they become more successful than the average Black. Lowkey, we'll say don't be confident. That person thinks s/he's all that. S/he ain't shit. Don't get geeked. Stop feeling yourself. You really think you're going to do xyz? Yeah okay, whatever nigga. Basically, what they're saying is, always remain weak so I can feel better. That's a disgusting characteristic that I find in way too many Blacks old and young." How many times have you heard someone clown on someone or troll, someone? I mean hunt down a person's self-esteem to brutally beat the sincerity out of it. Like the blog I made yesterday, success does bring envy and we know in the Black community there's a crab in the barrel type of mentality. The crab in the barrel mentality is basically lowkey hate, highkey envy. The crabs represent the everyday Black person and the barrel represents life and every time a crab reaches the top of the barrel, another crab drags it down so that s/he can climb to the top. 


Why the hate, though?


I think hate is because many people wish they could speak their minds or live a life of happiness. On average, people are living a basic existence, borderline insanity. That's why at night and on the weekends people get sloppy drunk just to cope with the next day or deal with the upcoming week. When you don't live that existence, the rat race, but instead you're happy with being happy in life, that brings the hate. I said happy, not rich, not famous, not sexually desired but happy. Many people envy that because nothing in their lives makes them happiness or keeps them happy. Meaning, they're not connected to their purpose. We all know that happiness comes from within. Nothing can truly make you happy unless you already are happy. 


So are they happy? 


Scrolling through social media, sharing memes, throwing shade, is that happiness? I know for me, I have my moments of ups and downs but that's because of my moods but I never allow myself to stay down. Why? Because if you allow yourself to sulk, be in a pity party for one, or stay angry, you won't see a reason to get out of it. You'll consistently seek that energy and that will become your aura. You are what you attract and if you're angry all the time you'll always be in a situation where anger manifests. But why the hate though? Honestly, in life, you'll always come across someone who wants what you have, and it may not be a lot or anything that you admire but for whatever reason they admire it. From my experience hate comes in two forms, backhanded compliments or straight up rudeness. The only legal thing you could do about it is ignore them and keep being great. I know cliché as ever but it's true. You will never be able to find a person who is loved by all. You will never find a person who didn't have enemies even if s/he was peaceful. You will never be able to find people who don't want what you have, it's just a part of the human experience. 


Now, what?


What I'm doing right now is branching off and cutting ties, kind of an oxymoron if you think about it. I'm branching off to like-minded people who want the same things as me, not unnecessarily becoming a voice of the people through literature, but those who want greatness in whatever motivates them. When you're doing great things, you don't have time to shade or hate because your time is so preoccupied, sometimes you neglect yourself for your purpose. I'm cutting off people who either suck my energy dry or don't benefit me at all. Having like-minded people around you will only motivate you to keep the trolls and goblins at bay while continuing your success and when you and your small circle make "it." Whatever making "it" means to you, you'll know they were there from day one and not bandwagoners who want something from you.


Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌

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