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Politics, Politricks, Polly Wanna Cracka B?

March 2, 2016


So as we all know Super Tuesday was yesterday, aka vote for the next crook to take the podium to sell the common folks false hope. Yeah, that. So it was basically Hillary vs Bernie vs Trump vs Ted Cruz. Let the best (wo)man win! I guess by the title you're like okay VIE now what? I'm going to narrate Neo real quick, not the odd head shaped R&B singer, but the guy from that movie called the Matrix. You know, the movie that exposed how society really operates but with an action-pack twist, yeah that. If you watched the movie, Neo was a computer programmer who lived a modest everyday existence, beside him hacking and selling techy contraband stuff online as the alliance Neo. He was a part of the civilized population; he trusted and believed everything that was told to him and he played his part well. He always had a hunch that life as he knew it was messed up that there had to be an explanation for it or a greater purpose in life than the mundane routine he was accustomed to. Through researching, he found something called the Matrix and thus found out about Morpheus. The most dangerous man alive (happen to be a Black man played by Laurence Fishburne). One night while doing his hacker/selling thing and tirelessly searching for more information on Morpheus, he falls asleep but a message pops up on his computer screen stating "The Matrix has you . . . follow the white rabbit." Long story short he finally meets Morpheus who offers him two pills and says, "You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes." Neo obviously intrigued chooses the red pill. Since I'm not a movie critic or reviewer I won't be going any further than that, but I referenced the movie because we, and I mean you and me are living in the Matrix. We use paper to write on, wipe our behinds on, and to make purchases all the while knowing cutting down tress to make paper destroys the trees and without trees we can't breathe. Not only on some conscious awareness like Mike Brown but as in no oxygen. Yet, we use paper like it's a never ending tool. Going back a few, JP Morgan was quoted as saying, "Gold is money, everything else is credit." Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild stated, "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes it's laws." If money is power, is it fair to say these men have all the power? Did I mention these two men come from wealthy families that LITERALLY own the world? Remember Occupy Wallstreet? Yeah, they were talking about them. Now if multi-billionaires, yes billionaires with a B are telling you basically I run your life and your unborn children's lives and so on and so forth, wouldn't you consider that a Matrix-like existence? And if you're in a Matrix would you take the red pill?


I know, what does this have to do with politics? I'm getting there. If the people who control the money have the power, then why are we told our power comes from the ballot? Is it absurd for me to say the President of the United States has already been selected because after all, it's he who has the money has the power, and power rules right? So . . . what are you doing voting? What has voting seriously changed? You have the average American with the latest gadgets but hardly a pot to piss in and a window to throw it out of. Education in this country is so appalling and lowly ranked in comparison to other countries, some third world countries. American education is so bad, it's laughable in one of those cruel satire humor kind of way. You have people, in this nation, a first world developed nation who are drinking water the same color as piss and are told it's okay even though it stinks, peels off skin, causes abortions, and permanent developmental issues in children. You have high ranked officials who consistently are found in some type of scandal. So tell me again the goodness of voting. Better yet, tell me the candidate that you want to win. No, not Bernie. I mean the person YOU personally know and broke bread with. Oh, you don't have one. Oh okay, well how about a candidate who represents the common Joe, working a 9-5, scraping through, crushed under debt. Oh, right, you don't have one. Hey, here's an off dome idea, how about an independent candidate that has no ties to either the Democrat or Republican party, darn right again! Sheesh. You don't know any and if you did, do you really think they'd make it to the inaugural ball? We seen how the Bush/Gore election got hijacked in Florida in 2000.


Yeah, I just burned out that little light of yours huh? And for Blacks, we've been in this country by force and not by choice. We as a collective have never tasted the soft sweetness of freedom and security. We have always been running on hope and fear like America runs on Dunkin. Hope for a better tomorrow *wink wink Obama* and fear. Oh lawd isa hope Donald Trump don't make it to da White House. We've been so conditioned to run on these two stagnant knee jerking reactions that we haven't been able to focus and execute freedom. Not integration, but to build, control, and protect our livelihood for the benefit of ourselves and the next generations to come. Something live aboriginals that Western society frowns on yet they can locate galaxies without the help of NASA before NASA was even hip to them, hey Dogan peoples. We thought voting was the way to White society and equality. Ask Trayvon Martin how's that going for us. How about Sandra Bland, she had her a degree and she was STILL found hanging like strange fruit so tell me how's that hope been going for us. If Donald Trump does make it into the White House, how would that be any different than the other 43rd previous Presidents, and oh hell might as well through Obama. Why not? As our people ARE being gunned down by murderous killer cop klansmen Obama was signing bills to protect the murdering cops! So please tell me how Donald would be any scarier or more embolden than signing the okay to kill Blacks? Oops, did I kill your "My president is Black, and my Lambo is blue" fantasies? Well lucky for you, you get to vote one mo' gain for a new president who will do absolutely nothing for you but will pander during election season to you about things that aren't tangible or phrases that allude to tangibles but in very vague terms of course. Don't want anyone whining about, "You promised . . . " When you don't make any concrete promises no one can say you owe them anything, thus no accountability. Ain't that right Obama, all we need is hope and change. Isn't that right minority Hillary Clinton aka wife of three strikes and you're out that piled Black men into prison with HER narrative of the "Super Predator" Black negro, something out of Birth Of A Nation. How about reparations grand pappy Bernie? Oh right, that would be "divisive" as he put it. He's a Jew and his people were able to receive atonement for Hitler's regime and STILL TO THIS DAY (while they persecute the Palestinians on their own land that they snatched away on some Swiper the Fox type ish. I guess hurt people really do hurt people.) BUT he doesn't feel that your Black behind should get atonement. Lastly, you do have a racial/ethnic/nationality-ist (I'm not sure what Hispanics are classifying themselves now) minority just like you! Hey, Ted. Oh right, even though he has some latin spice (insert R tongue rolling) his mindset is more like KKK all the time. I guess he's one of those White Hispanics, like, oh right George Zimmerman. Oh, silly me. Did I mention the electoral college determines who's going to be president, not the popular vote (you and me . . . if I voted). So again, who were you going to vote for before I rudely interrupted your daily scheduled dose of Matrix? 

Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌


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