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Accomplishing Your Goals Is The Miracle Of Life

February 28, 2016


I made a facebook meme yesterday saying, "The greatest feeling is accomplishment, YOUR accomplishment. I'm not talking about college, sorority, or a job. I'm talking about setting a goal and reaching it. To sit back and think it started with a thought, (sex) and it manifested into a plan, (pregnancy), and now it's in your hands, (birth). The moves you make determine its course in life (child development). Will it die of SIDS? Will you neglect it? Will someone adopt it? Will you raise it to be the greatest? Will you sacrifice for it? Will you pick up extra shifts to provide all that you can for it? Your goals are your children, they just don't need potty training but they are just as impactful and rewarding as any living human being. What you do with your goals will be the measurement of your growth." What I was getting at is PURSUE YOUR GOAL. Yes, just that simple. I know it's not as easy as one, two, three but be about something and finish it through. I can't promise instant fame or racks on racks but what I can promise is a feeling like no other. In the words of J.Cole, "There's beauty in the struggle" and he's completely right. Nothing worth achieving will have a straight forward road nor will it have no revisions, but if chasing it is worth the struggle, you'll sign up for the struggle without hesitation because the pain of the struggle is bigger than a moment. It's bigger than what you're going through right now. You might be broke right now (I know I am). You might not know where your next meal will be coming from or what bill might get cut off. You might feel like you're sinking into a hole that you can't find your way out of but I promise you if you stick with it, you'll see the possibilities and the quicksand will start to form a solid ground. Not everyone is built for adversities and many have to conform to it to survive (I know I had to) but all those experiences shaped me to be who I am today. I don't know who I'd be without them, many of them I wouldn't have chosen if I had an option but I can't dwell on what was. I can only see what is and what will be. So no matter what you're going through, BREATHE and keep going. You may not see your PURPOSE now but it'll manifest itself to you when it knows you're fully committed. For me, I wasn't sure about writing as a career. I didn't go to school for English but life was pulling me in that direction. I had to submit to what fate wanted for me, but even then I wasn't sure. I was thinking of all the aforementioned. How would I survive on the dollar and a dream, aspiring author, depleted pockets struggle? But then I realized every person I had great admiration for who was a huge success had to struggle, to live their purpose meant sacrifices and if I wasn't willing to sacrifice I wasn't willing to taste the fruits of my labor. Plus, the job I was working wasn't Grade A so I had nothing to lose really. I had no major responsibilities (besides Sally Mae). I had no husband nor kids. And I'm young. So why not? Why not focus my energy into doing what I always wanted to do which is helping people, particularly the youth? That's when the thought (Dec. 2013 sex), developed into planning (March 4th, 2014 pregnancy), and on February 14th, 2016 I gave birth to MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD. Now all that's left to do is give it siblings (part two and three is on its way). If you made it to this blog post and to the very end, here, right now, scroll up to the BOOK tab to get the synopsis of MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD. Go to the STORE page to purchase MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD.


Recently, the lovely blogger KiKi from Kikispeakshermind interviewed me regarding MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD. Here's the link, http://kikispeakshermind.com/2016/02/25/interview-self-published-author-vie-cine/   check it out. If you're still iffy like eh then head over to the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MEMOIRSOFAFORGOTTENCHILD/?ref=hl to read daily snippets from MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD in the album section.


Remember, Be The Best You Because Everyone Else Is Taken - VIE

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