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Gran Bwa

February 27, 2016

Gran Bwa which means Great Tree is a nature loa (spirit), that is associated with vegetation like trees, plants, and herbs. He is the ruler of the sacred forest and protector of undomesticated animals. Like Loko (a loa), he is the loa of healing, his duty is to know the secrets of herbal medicine and use it to create secret herbal medicine. Gran Bwa represents the natural resources on earth from beginning to end. He is one of the loa who presides over the Kanzo cycle (the first step in initiation into voodou). 
His rites of passage fall under the petro (loa family) style of initiation. He has a great admiration for green leaves and plants and prefers them as offerings. He also loves cigars and he utilizes kleren (distilled spirit from cane sugar) or rum to insert through the ears of a person he possesses. 
Gan Bwa, Kalfou and Baron, all form a trio of the greatest and most powerful Voodun sorcerors. His colors are no surprise green but also red. In catholic houses, he's linked to Saint Sebastian and is depicted as Saint Sebastian that is tied to a tree. 

Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌

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