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Baron Samedi

February 23, 2016


Baron Samedi (Saturday) is one of the most important loa (spirits) in Haitian Voodu. He is the God of Death; like the Grime Reaper in American folklore. He is the decider of the crossroad; all living souls, must pass through him. As Master of Death, he is also responsible for giving life. No one can die if Baron doesn't dig their grave. His powers are often called on to use for curses and during spells. Baron is a spirit that is widely recognized by his followers and people who request his service. He is the father of all Gede (the family that controls power, wealth, and fertility), and his wife is Grann Brijit (a death loa). Some of his symbols are known as Baron La Croix (Baron the Cross); in connection to crosses on gravesites. Baron Samedi (Baron Saturday), Baron Kriminèl (Baron Criminal), and Baron Simityè are just some of his other names. (Baron Cemetery). He is the Supreme Lawyer who has the power to judge. You give him all your complaints, and he will tell you all the answers. The first males to be buried in any Haitian cemetery are called Baron Simityè. People honor their loved ones in Baron's hands by writing letters in front of his or her tombs, burning candles and dropping alcohol. A few people make a small food offering in Kalbas (calabash) to Baron. As the God of Death, he knows all forms of death, this includes the bloodiest so he has two symbolic colors black and red. 


A popular song that is sung to emphasize Baron's power of justice, and this doesn't exclude children is this one:

"Baron Oh! Baron Oh! 
Baron Oh! Baron Oh!
Timoun fronte kap'e joure granmoun
Mennen' y'ale nan Simityè"

Baron Oh! Baron Oh!
Baron Oh! Baron Oh!
rude children, who are disrespecting the elders
bring them to the Cemetery."

Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌

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