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February 18, 2016


Anacaona was one of the highest Caciques (chief) who possessed the island of Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic) when the Spanished invaded. Her name Anacaona means "Golden Flowers."Her birth date and date of death are undocumented and unknown. She is the first monumental Haitian icon in early Haitian History. Both the countries Haiti and the Dominican Republic respect her and honor her as a pivotal symbol of what the former island was before White colonization. She was married to Caonabo, a chief of another cacicazgos (tribe) and later transitioned his leadership to his brother Bohechio. Anacanona and Caonabo had a daughter they named Higuamota. Anacaona and Caonabo were the first two to fight off Spaniards invaders but they didn't succeed. Anacanona was tricked by the Nicola De Ovando by disguising a feast to honor her courtesy, their real purpose was to capture her. They ultimately hung her, she was one of twenty-nine. Anacaona was murdered because she opposed the Spanish invasion, fought colonization, and vigorously defended her enslaved people and the island. Today she is admired in Haiti and the Dominican Republic and many other Caribbean Countries. 


Source: http://www.hougansydney.com/haitian-heroes/anacaona

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