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Countdown 9 to February 14th

February 6, 2016


To My Purpose Driven Free Thinkers aka PDFTs! May this month exceed your expectations! As we all know February is Black History Month. I don't know if you study or research Black people who significantly contributed to the Black experience during this month but personally, I don't need a month to tell me it's okay to be Black, speak on Black, or act Black. I'm always Black minded but for y'all who do celebrate Blackness on this month, do it big! As you know (or maybe don't) my book will be dropping on February 14th aka Valentines Day. It'll be available on this website on the STORE page for purchase. If you want to know the synopsis of MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD go to the Book page on this website. Also, you can check out my youtube channel VIEIS_ME to get more in-depth with my story. I'll add the link below this blog post to the video. And if all that doesn't quench your thirst for MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD, follow my IG for past and future Daily Snippets from my book. They'll always be available but after February 14th, I won't be making any new Daily Snippets from MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VkyyjXJIiYU

***EDIT I will be making daily vlogs for the countdown to MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD, ending on Valentines Day! You can check them out on my Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Here's the fifth: https://youtu.be/TGwhgN9mpFg


Today I will be honoring Jeannot aka Jeannot Bullet aka Grand Judge. Jeannot was a leader of the 1791 insurrection that kickstarted the Haitian Revolution along with Biassou and Jean-François. By the prophecy of houngan (Vodun priest) Boukman Dutty, he and the other two men were going to lead the revolution. Jeannot fought along the Spanish against the French to colonize Haiti. Jeannot killed Whites and Mulattoes who he felt were exploiting Haiti. Toussaint Louverture (another leader of the Haitian Revolution and first Haitian president) was appalled by his beliefs and methods. 


In the words of Toussaint Louverture, "Small, thin man with a forbidding manner and a veiled crafty face. He was utterly remorseless... even towards his own kind. ... He would stop at nothing to gain his own ends, he was daring, seizing quickly on chances, quick-witted and capable of total hypocrisy. He feared no one and nothing; unfortunately, he found inspiration in cruelty, a sadist without the refinements that so-called civilization brings." "He hanged those he had captured by hooks stuck under their chins. He himself put out their eyes with red-hot pincers. He cut the throat of a prisoner and lapped at the blood as it flowed, encouraging those around him to join him: "Ah, my friends, how good, how sweet is the blood of the whites. Drink it deep and swear revenge against our oppressors, never peace, never surrender, I swear by God."


Jeannot's harsh tactics were not limited to whites and free blacks. He also sought out punishment to Haitians who he suspected of having allegiance to the white supremacy establishment. One example of his ruthless revenge was a commander named Blin. Blin helped a couple white planters reach safety, and Jeannot murdered him for committing treason. A white man named Gros, was one of the many white prisoners in a camp under Jeannot's control. He left behind a written account of what took place during his captivity. Gros stated that Jeannot demanded the torture and murder of each captive every day 'to prolong his enjoyment.' Before the murder of Gros and other prisoners, a higher ranking leader named Jean-François, entered the camp. Jean-François arrested Jeannot, placed him on trial, and then executed him.


***Weekend Wrap Up as always! Make sure you head over to my youtube channels Vie Cine or VIEIS_ME to watch my latest videos: Heathen and Manifest YOUR Destiny! Also, all of this week's daily blogs are here for your enjoyment as well as previous daily blogs. The countdown for MEMOIRS OF A FORGOTTEN CHILD has officially begun! We have eight days left before the ebook! I'm super excited and a tad bit nervous. Hopefully y'all like my honesty. If you're wondering where to find me on social media I'm on: 


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Youtube: VIEIS_ME
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Have a safe and warm weekend! Up north it finally snowed, I'm not happy about it but it is what it is. Be blessed y'all.

Be Entertained. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌

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