Paint Your Truth Workshop

20/20 👀 is not only a new year but a new decade. Set the tone right by investing in your healing journey! Per the request of many past attendees of Paint Your Truth Workshop; I've decided it's best to turn Paint Your Truth into a customizable business for all people who've suffered any type trauma ie PTSD, child neglect, molestation etc. As an Art Expressionist it's important to me that everyone has access to the care they need. Clients have the option of booking a private Paint Your Truth session or book a private party Paint Your Truth session. I will provide you with all the materials needed and you of course get to keep your creation! Former attendees of Paint Your Truth have taken their portraits into therapy. LEARN MORE to get your specialized quote, coordinate to customize your Paint Your Truth session! 🎨🔮🌻

Be Blessed. Be Enlightened. Be Loved. ✌🏾


Psychopath's Heart

This is a true story. It's my experience with a Black psychopath and how I decided it wasn't worth continuing a relationship with him once I found out what he truly was and what he never will be. It's one thing to be called a b*tch, it's another to have a knife pulled out on you. If you ever wanted to know what's it like dating a psychopath, well here you have it. "I Was In Love With A Psychopath."

Healing Services

Vie Ciné provides four services to clients seeking assistance with rape culture, mental health and healing. These services are Healing Coaching, Email Advisor, Speaking Engagements and Private Livestreams. Vie Ciné via email at to schedule a time and date to proceed. All information is confidential and thorough. 

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A Measure Of A Life Lived. A Collection Of Thoughts & Quotes from a wide eye and thoughtful 20 year old Vie. From Black identity, womanhood and social ills that plague Black Women. An intimate look from the point of view of a Black Creative in the peak of Black "Woke-ism".

Art From Survivors