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November 23, 2018

For about two hours we painted, conversed and shared our experiences overcoming trauma and our feelings and thoughts about what we were painting or what other people are painting. Each person got lost in what they were painting and the focus wasn’t on what the painting looked like or the outcome of the painting. The process had us lost in our feelings, thoughts and desires; letting it all splash o...

November 9, 2018

The last straw for Jania wasn’t the physical abuse, cheating, chaotic emotional abuse or herpes. Nope. The final straw was NBA’s doing when he publicly blasted Jania for going to a rap concert and broke up with her. He decided to unleash another can of vitriol on the five months pregnant young woman and called Jania a pregnant groupie. As much as Jania has been through, she finally gets handed NBA...

November 8, 2018

Paint Your Truth is on its 3rd year (I’m excited!). This year we are hosting Paint Your Truth at the Perkins Community Center on 155 Talbot Ave, Dorchester Center, MA from 2PM to 5PM. Paint Your Truth is a painting event for sexual assault survivors in the Massachusetts area. The origins of Paint Your Truth is from private conversations I had with Black women who confided in me about their past ex...

October 19, 2018

October is Emotional Wellness month. In this blog we will be discussing relationships and knowing when it’s time to exit. We will be using four examples of public relationships that caused one partner significant hurt that she could have avoided if she left earlier. First is Ariana Grande, the pop princess of today. Ariana has had public relationships in the media since hanging up her Disney days....

October 12, 2018

October is Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Wellness month. For this second blog in October we will continue to unravel emotional intelligence in this blog but for this week we're scoping politics. Specifically, how we can use emotional intelligence while picking a side. Do I need to say it? White women cut their faces to spite their noses under the Trump Administration in hopes to get ahe...

June 17, 2018

We’ve made it to the twenty-second blog of the year. June is Gay Pride Month as well as Caribbean Heritage Month. For the month of June we’ll be focusing on both of these topics. The second blog to continue pride month will touch on this emerging rift in the LGBTQ+ community with lesbians and transwomen. Lesbians are vetting their grievances on social media about the attack on lesbians and lesbian...

June 10, 2018

We’ve made it to the twenty-first blog of the year. June is Gay Pride Month as well as Caribbean Heritage Month. For the month of June we’ll be focusing on both of these topics. The first blog to kickstart pride month will analyze all this talk surrounding Black bisexual men influencing Black women’s dating options. Twitter imploded on itself when I stated “Bisexual Black Men Have A 50/50 Chance O...

April 6, 2018

We’ve passed a quarter of this year. But as you know we’ve just started getting into the nitty gritty of the Black women’s experience so let’s get into it. I’m excited April’s national topic is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Don’t get it wrong, I don’t make light of sexual violence but I applaud all the courage Black women who have chosen to speak their truth unapologetically. On this platform y...

March 31, 2018

These were the safe spaces for Black womankind that Vie Ciné ended up calling home. Moving more and more away from save the Black man talk, to save ourselves, the victims, the women and children beliefs. Vie began to see that “preference” was a watered down way of saying colorism. That when Black men say, “bitch” he means UStoo. That thug love is really struggle love and the name of the game is hy...

March 26, 2018

Our third remarkable woman during Women’s History Month is Mamie Phipps Clark. She is our shero because of her groundbreaking work in psychology regarding Black children’s mental health as well as how her work contributed to Brown vs Board desegregation decision. Mamie Phipps Clark was born on April 18th, 1917 in Hot Spring, Arkansas. Harold H. Phipps (Mamie’s father) was a physician and Katy Flo...

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