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May 19, 2018

May is mental health awareness month. We have made it to the eighteenth blog of this year and we are discussing the truth of depression on a Black woman. Does faking it to make it our ultimate detriment? Find out below. Depression is a disorder thatis defined as an extreme despondency and dejection. Depression looks different on every person due to our experiences and how we are effected by the en...

June 24, 2016

I would have nursed your wounds and loved you past the crevices where the sun don't shine.

I would have held you close to me and surrounded you with my every need.

My dedication would swallow you whole, never needing another soul. I would have amerced you in the culture of VIE, who I be, the beginning until infinity. To only be reborn as one, as whole, Ying Yang in the passion of where we stand. H...

June 22, 2016

I've heard the phrases "love hurts" and "love isn't supposed to hurt" though I don't have the life experience to draw up multiple examples of either or I want to talk about this subject. Our first interaction with love was most likely than not our parents. Our love for our parents was safe. It felt good, it felt secure. It felt unconditional. From our parent's programming not just love but our bel...

June 1, 2016


Complacency makes it easy to project the potential rejection that enslaves you in fear. I've been there, and I have the receipt to prove that I've done that. My perception is there's nothing to it but to do it and I gotta do it. My goal is to build an empire, how can I if my time is held in the hands of someone else's vision? A job is to keep you afloat, but never to get you rich and never to pas...

May 29, 2016


I just can't take that risk, why would I? I love my skin! Dark skin getting dissed for skin that isn't sun kissed. Having our people in disarray, full of hate. No contempt for what GOD blessed. Take pride in what meets the eye. Move with stride in front of those who despise your glory. You are above all that is holy. First man, woman, and child, everyone else sits at the steps of your smile. They...

May 27, 2016


A have a lot on my mind, so I'll hit y'all with a throwback . . . 


Sometimes I feel like I'm on one the edge of insanity. Slowly pulling back as the edge gets steeper. Losing my mind am I getting stupider? Can't be indoctrinated with work, sleep, eat, and die. I ain't cut for the 9 - 5, I need to call the shots, I'm GOD. Trapped into dull adulthood, cycle of insanity being stamped on. Can't break...

May 26, 2016


Another throwback poem about the duality within us all. We're all trying to purge that evil within us, conquer the lower self. In the grand scheme of things we without both we cannot recognize the purpose they serve in enriching ourselves. 


What bonds people together can be the same reasons that keeps you separated. Hate breeds hate and we all guilty of it. Petty differences that never really mat...

May 25, 2016



I've been editing in overdrive to get these videos out on both YouTube Channels Vie Ciné and VIEIS_ME, check them out! As always here's your weekly Wednesday Poem! 


It's an internal struggle to only permanent those who will give you an abundance of spiritual, mental, and physical growth, but nothing comes without a price. I pay, you pay, we all pay with our attention. What you give energy to, or...

May 24, 2016



I'm at the final stages of editing, this time, like all the other times I mean it. I feel like I've said that quite often, but at this point on my journey to self-publishing, I have two decisions left. What editor I want to review my work and what company I want to do printing on demand with. After two and a half years it has come down to two tasks. With a professional editor, I have the option...

May 18, 2016


Tuesday's poem for Wednesday's blog. Can you dig it?


Choosy niggas always lose at the end. Playing both hands like it's a game. Life is like chess, but relationships are a mess. And add another face it'll be like Ka-blam! Never appreciate whatchu got, always looking for the next trout. Miss Thang, thinkin' she the only one, while you runnin' game like it's track son. Got whatchu need but still pl...

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